Custom 3D Printing

Welcome at our 3D printing page!

We are really proud of our build and need to protect it against crashes, the carbon parts can be expensive. So we build protection for you. We are glad to announce we have a printing shop for especially flexible filament.

We also print PLA parts for concept models in all the colors that we have. Via this page you can upload your to print design easily. The costs for your print is directly visible due to our awesome app.

So let us take care of your expensive drone parts or (concept) models!

If you have a question or a (special) request, mail us at:

We are working with multiple 3D printers. We have spent hours with tuning to get the most perfect settings. We finally got it to make the best prints possible. And we are proud to show you some of our prints.

You can find our 3D Print plugin here

We are printing in the following materials:

  • PLA 
    • This filament is hard and is often used for fixed designs.
    • Colors: Black, Silver, White, Red, Purple, Magenta, Leafgreen, Yellow (RAL), Golden Yellow, Skyblue etc.
  • Flexible Filament (aka TPU)
    • This filament is flexibel and mostly being used for protection parts (Gopro mounts, Armprotector etc). 
    • Colors: Black, Bloodred, Yellowgreen


Ordering is super easy via our plugin, see beneath this text. You know directly what it cost to order yours.

You can order your 3D print here.

You can find our condition and rules here.

We try to send your print as fast as possible:
We don’t own a Delorean but we always try to deliver your design(s) as soon as possible. Of course it depends on the quantity and the design itself. If the delivery takes longer, we will keep you informed via email. Delivery will be provided by PostNL. You will receive a track and trace number from us.

Order costs:
Small designs, such as arm protection, microcamera designs and the like can be sent via letterbox package. All major designs such as a flexible GoPro holder go through the PostNL package service.

At the moment we only accept orders via PayPal. This gives both you and us a financial guarantee.

Cancelling your order:
If the design cannot be printed properly, we will cancel the order and reimburse all costs.

If the design is printed, but you wish to cancel your order, we will include the costs incurred. The rest will be refunded.

Do you want a nice photo when your design is printed? No problem! Mail us:

Excited? We to! You can order here!