‘FPV WEAR’ Gloves for Pinch & Thumbs pilots (3M™ Thinsulate™)


No more unnecessary cold fingers when flying FPV. Just free the fingers you use! Keep your hand warm and continue flying even when it’s really cold outside.


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PRE-ORDER- FPV WEAR gloves // Delivery starting at first week of October.

The best FPV WEAR gloves
We would love to fly during all seasons, but autumn and winter brings us so many cold most of us don’t fly that often any more. When flying in cold conditions your hands are the biggest challenge. When you fly with normal gloves there isn’t enough feeling in your fingers. When using the gloves without the top of the fingers is already is much better.

But much better isn’t good enough. And that is why FPVSHIRTS.NL brings you the FPV WEAR gloves.

Our FPV WEAR gloves can be used the way you fly; Pinch & Thumbs pilots can clear the top fingers of only the index finger or index finger and thumb. Or when working on your quad all fingers.

  • One size Glove (men)
  • Cover all fingers / Free all fingers / free only the thumb / Free the thumb and index finger
  • 3M™ Thinsulate™ Insulation
  • Extra long wrist coverage.

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Weight 250 kg